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Child using a tablet while studying

Vega faced challenges accessing education on equal terms with her schoolmates. Since then, our primary goal has been to create technology that ensures universal access to academic training. She has been the inspiration behind the creation of bemyvega.

Universal access to knowledge is not just a right; it should be a hallmark of our society. Unfortunately, individuals with impairments often find it challenging to exercise this right.

At bemyvega we are committed to providing equal opportunities for training and acquiring the necessary knowledge, empowering everyone to become the person they aspire to be.

We develop solutions for real-time tracking of classes, talks, conferences, or expos, enhancing information accessibility for people with impairments.

Technology becomes the necessary tool to provide access to limitless training, breaking down barriers that hinder progress."

The team

Universal bemyvega team is multicultural, with employees from different nationalities, regions, and cultures 

At bemyvega we are a company born for the people, and our essence revolves around four core values:

  • Tolerance
  • Respeto
  • Empathy

We firmly believe that with this philosophy, society can become inclusive for all individuals. 

bemyvega team in a classroom